I changed the name of this thang

I didn’t like the other one, I like this one better, but before I ‘committed’, I put things into Mona Lisa Overdrive to see if “Talking with Trees” would be a name that I would share with others. As usual, this type of blind stab into the interwebs turns up interesting stuff to occupy a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a few minutes of time. I stopped reviewing after the first 5 Google pages. Most of what I saw I had expected. I didn’t find any apparent blog names/titles so the name stays.

Lots of resorts & campgrounds with similar names, and a huge phalanx of new-age, pseudo-spiritual, brain-dead wombats touting all sort of crap. Proof perhaps that too much of something affected/effected all too many of them folk.

I’ve read tons of quote scientific stuff about music and babies in the womb and plants and stuff, so I expected some science stuff. The guy below that invents “W-waves” to explain talk between the trees, that’s rich. He even knows how fast the waves travel between plants. You gotta read that one.

Lots of reference to the American Indians and rightly so. They did a great job of running this place until we showed them how well ‘others’ could screw it up. Helped screw them up in the process too.

I wasn’t surprised that I found a bimbo/hollywood link. Britney Spears. Not much beef to read there, but put her in England, stir in some press, and there ya go!

So here are some of the links I got a grin out of below. (as though you are unable to google on your own?) The one about the Universal Egg reminded me of an old book “The Crack in the Cosmic Egg”.

Study with an expert?
Trees talk in W-waves
Volatile signaling in plant-plant interactions
Do Trees Talk?
Talking Trees and the Universal Egg
Can Christian Theology Let the Trees Do the Talking?
Britney Spears : talking to the trees
Talking Trees
Skeptic’s Annotated Bible


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