Wanda’s Coconuts

There was a heavy beat to the tempo (like elephant steps) but the band has to play something while waiting for Mamba Jamba to take the stage. These dudes are hipster chimps, black berets and slick Ray-Bans. Think of ZZ Top.* Definite stoners just riffin’ to keep things lively, and yes, Jake (guitar player) is off trying to ‘make some time’ with Wanda so there’s lots of keyboard and marimba.

The birds, yes, birds do lots of percussion. Damned jungle, can’t keep them from it. Luckily they do have innate rhythm and compassion for any melody so they are always welcome to play along. It actually wouldn’t be the same without them.

They are however quite irreverent about endings. It must be a bird thing. It’s not just the fact that they don’t always stop when the music does, but they start doing crazy shit, weird chirps and clacks and hoots. Elmo has gotten to encouraging the frenzy. The drummer is supposed to stop the band, it’s his job, but he will often just keep thwacking at his drum kit, counter-punching what the birds toss out. It has turned into a crowd favorite. They begin hooting and clapping and dancing, then Elmo grins and thwacks all the harder, and the birds get more excited. Real party shit, but not today though.

Elmo the Chimp Drummer

Elmo Ozark, drummer for 'Round Wheels (Square Pegs)'

Today is not a festival meeting, this event was “called”. Not on the regular schedule. And the speakers so far have been, ah … edgy is the only word. All this because a foreign ruler is coming to visit.

Sounds like a reason to party but some of the head mucky-mucks are fearful. I’m not to worried though ’cause Mamba Jamba will probably set things right and send the fear-mongers packing. Most of us don’t believe what we are hearing from the ‘grapevine’, the negative vibes about this visitor. Surely it’s just rumbles in the jungle, ya know?

I’m looking forward to Mamba Jamba though. She seldom speaks anymore. Heck, she quit the jungle politics over 20 years ago, but she is THE AUTHORITY, no title needed. I don’t need to tell you that since we all know that’s what “Mamba Jamba” means in jungle slang.

Well, Jake is coming back and yes, he has one of Wanda’s coconuts. Wanda mixes up a great ju-ju and has one of the most popular drink stands at any festival. They’ll probably rip into one more tune before Mamba Jamba speaks, and then we party.

So let’s settle this visit from Alexander The Great and get on with life.

* These guys call themselves “Round Wheels Square Pegs” but they won’t explain what that means. We think it’s a type of ancient Voodoo saying? What is a wheel?


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