An Uplifting Theory

Uplifting refers to the act of intervening with an existing species on a planet which would result in heightened, accelerated, or advanced genetic development of that species. This can be accomplished through the application of biological, genetic, transgenic, and artificial intelligence technologies. After that, the planet and species are left to ‘fend on their own’.

Although this has been implemented on thousands of planets down thru time, there has been yet, no way to determine what outcome may be achieved by the experiment as the ages pass. There are still too many variables that can effect the outcome.

The experiment is usually performed on the what is considered the “best” candidate from that planet, or sometimes from the best semi-sentient candidate from that planet. To date, regardless of the starting species or alteration, the results have been random.

It is true that most (though not all) test species have progressed toward sentience, intelligence, and reasoning, none have gone on to create any type of society, culture, or civilization which we deem worthy of contact. This is not to be considered a statement of defeat in this endeavor, but an honest admission that further work need be done.

Only one (so far) has developed a “writing”, a form of communicating with its own future which seems fundamental for a species to “advance”, to create a future.

We’ll keep an eye on this planet .. those that call themselves human.


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