weird wacky web stuff

I was ‘playing’ on the web today over morning coffee. We all do it, and we all search ‘ourselves’ cause we’re all vain. I did a lot of searching some time ago to find out how common my screen name might be. rufusswan

Trust me it’s pretty darned unique. Now, I do have a YouTube account but still, I am very unique, like totally. So when I searched me while in YouTube I got the expected YouTube vids…. except one. That is truly odd, weird, and wacky.

Few people know me, and even fewer give a damn. I did not make this video, so yea, I gotta watch this, but this really makes no sense, as there is no reason why I should be in anyone’s video. No that’s the wrong way to say it, there is no reason anyone would want me in their video.

Don’t get the wrong idea, it is way cool and whomever did this is more than welcome to include me in their ‘stuff”, but I’m real curious about WHY they decided to put me in. I am really, really curious as to HOW they even stumbled upon my name. What sort of freaky Twilight Zone warp in the universe snatched my name out of the chaos? How did I make it into some bizarre game of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Why is my name in a German instructional video about searching in YouTube?

Well, I’ll probably never know, but I now have something to wonder about.


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