Animal Cannon

If you don’t mind I’ll give you some general info on the Animal Cannon hobby …

Early development work on the Cat Cannon

Early development work on the Cat Cannon

Hand weaponry should really be treated as a separate topic. If you think about it, Mouse Cannon might sound cool, but you can’t really strap a cannon on the hip, can ya?

Smaller animal shot is getting down into the more normal range of the ‘old style’ calibers. We fondly call’em a Mouse Pounder. The trusty old MP is actually a 62mm barrel and many of us have quite fancy holsters. I prefer the clamshell you mentioned. Shot is cheap and inside 100ft the MP is a devastating weapon.

‘Course you gotta raise your kids right, so you start them with the smallest caliber weaponry which is the Igun series. And before you ask, yes, Steve Jobs is a big fan of this class of target gun and he got the idea to name the Iphone from us.

Obviously Igun is short for Insect Gun which uses 17 thru 23mm shot, standard NATO stuff. (North American Terrestrial Ordnance). Yes, you can shoot inanimate stuff like stones or hunks of wood, but only social deviates do that. We uphold our cultural standards in the hobby and I teach my kids ‘right’, so we stick with the live NATO rounds.

Ya got yer 17-23 caliber class ‘Bug Baby’ in both rifle and handgun styles, a nice agile weapon and the rounds are free. Double dangerous though when loaded with grasshoppers. The legs really attack the target.

From there you got the ‘Beetle Bouncer’ at 38 caliber. Standard load here in Missouri is June Bugs or the brown night beetles. Ladies prefer this weapon as it’s small and comes with a wide range of iridescent shot.

There is that special class at 45mm, but this is primarily a show pistol as the shot is restricted to the Rhinoceros Beetle. A hot collectors item though, and “Beetle Blaster” draws them into the tent at cannon shows.

Above these sizes you “go mammalian”, as we say. Lot’s of diversity here, and there are loads of guys (and gals) that make custom weapons. The aforementioned Mouse Pounder is the most popular. I’ve moved up from the mini-mammal to my beloved cat-cannon. A great all purpose weapon, and if you don’t mind an ‘inside’ joke, we like to say that cat-ammo will keep you alive both in the chamber or the stew pot.

There’s lots of exciting new things on the ammo front, what with the advances in genetics the last few years. It’s an exciting time to be associated with this whole Animal Cannon hobby, and great for the kids too, what with the emphasis on the new science.

Sorry to chat on like this, but talking hobbies is fun. We can chat some more later.

Right now, I gotta go out back and “feed the ammo”.


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