Raid on the Gasconade 2010

So I have a ‘scooter’ bud who likes to get out and site-see, do a bit of camping and fishing. We’ve been trying to meet up for a year. Have another buddy HiTech who has purchased new property on the Gasconade River. Things come together and we schedule the whole July 4th weekend for a little roundup cum Chautauqua. Camp, fish, cook, drink beer and bullshit around the campfire. Rinse & repeat as necessary, Friday thru Monday.

These two are graduating this summer, are knee-deep in dissertations and that type thing and need a break. Not a weekend party with a bunch of people where it takes you a day to recover, but the type thing that allows you to put a brake on the speed, tension and stresses of life. Some ‘glide time’ is a good way to phrase it.

Heading for Gasconade River

For me and Matty it’s about a 150 mile ride which is probably more of a morning jaunt or a short cruise. I’m planning on leaving early Friday and taking the slab to Lebanon (55 miles) for breakfast. I know the slab is no fun, but I grew up here and won’t miss a thing. Then I take off north of I-44 and cruise about 45 mph up the backest of roads with camera and tripod handy. All new roads and vistas for me, and I’ll still probably get there by noon 🙂

HiTech is supposed to have a cooler waiting on the gravel bar for ice and beer and we’re arriving with simple sleep and cook gear, and fishing equipment.

I’ll have my flyrod and a 4 1/2′ fiberglass Shakespeare spinning rig. We’ve all made some homemade beer-can alcohol stoves so there will be an official “stove off”. We’re all hillbilly engineers and delight in these type low-key games.

I’ve got all my gear ready to go, and am heading out Tuesday afternoon. I’m starting a house remodel in Springfield and have to work the next two days. Friday morning the journey begins. Be back in about a week.


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