Time * Speed / distance ^ unknown = road miles

Lower Gasconade River

I made the trip up to HiTech’s for the 4th, had a great time, and I returned safe and sound. That is the main point of any trip, completing it so that you can do another. The main enjoyment is the journey itself … enjoying the wind and smells, new roads and scenery, and those never-to-be-repeated chats with other bikers stopped for gas.

I lucked out on this trip as I didn’t leave from home which meant two separate routes. The ride up was 150 miles and the ride back about 200. For me that was almost 5 hours getting there, and about 6 to get back home.

At some time during the weekend someone mentioned the “how many miles do you ride in a day?” topic. Of course there are more answers to this than there are bikers, as it’s a rather rhetoric question. Even when answered specifically, each person leaves out points that relate to their situation. You can’t just apply a formula like Time * Speed / Distance since that gives you AN answer which may or may not be anyone’s THE answer.

Some answer with “I can ride xxx miles” or “I have ridden xxx miles” and a 1/2 a dozen other ways of phrasing an answer. It usually breaks into 3 large groups though …. group 1 rides all damned day, group 2 rides most of the day, and groups 3 rides a healthy portion of the day. In miles that is > 400, or 200 to 400, and say 250 miles and less per day.

I’m firmly in group 3, usually, as any day’s journey must fit inside of the real 3 dimensional world. I got to spend the 5th just chatting with HiTech and the neighbor girls, had a couple of beers while I complained about packing the bike. I rolled out at 3:30, had a lovely ride except for about 30 miles on the slab, and rolled into Ava at 8:00 pm. That 4 1/2 hours and I was still 45 miles from home.

200 miles / 5.25 hours = 38 road miles per hour.

The bike had been running better and better all day. I ride an airhead which runs better the cooler it is outside and by 8 that evening it was shade and coming twilight. At Ava I consider myself home so it’s not like grinding out the last miserable hour of the trip. The road is extra fast sweepers and hills, so you can sort of crank it if you keep an eye out for the state mounties.

I decided to get a 24 oz. Busch and I hit the road and stop at the first bridge over Beaver Creek for a nice long break and give the night air a chance to cool. The sun drops behind the hills and I walk along the creek bank. In a few minutes it has become it was a trip, now it’s just an evening ride and any trip stress is vanished.

The Busch as vanished, the bike wants to run, and I don’t like riding at night so I start her up. She runs like a stallion in the cool, moist air and keeps wanting to push 4,500 rpm’s so I give her some rein and fly past Brownbranch and then Leon’s elk ranch. No traffic at this time of night, just the thrum of on old airhead down a familiar road. I stopped at the bridge over Swan Creek and watched some fireworks as there’s always campers on the gravel bar on the 4th. The cabin is just over the hill and I pull into the shed at 9:30, get a beer and unpack.

Damned nice little ride today.


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