on audience

Pastor Hagee working the crowd

We are all members of an audience on occasion. During those occasions we all know how we should act for each audience situation, be it a concert, play, golf match or church service or funeral. We know when and how to make the proper noises (at the proper times) to make the proper responses back to the speaker-performer.

So an audience has ‘rules’ for each situation in their response, and those rules seemed to have changed. I wonder why?, or maybe it’s more important to ask ‘who’ decided things had to change and how in hell did we all agree to it?

I have no interest in several TV shows because today’s audience seems to insist on screaming like little childern. Screaming has replaced the good old clap. I find this as annoying as fingernails scrapped on a blackboard which is damned annoying. So is listening to dogs bark.

I’m not sure you can call a tele-evangalist program a church service, but those audiences now applaud instead of the old fashioned ‘amen’ or ‘hallelujah’ shout. What’s up with that? Do all churches now do this, or is this just the ones on TV?


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