Turing test results

Glamour shot at Shadow Rock Park

Powersite Damn on White River

Well, a couple of hours after I got back from town HiTechRedneck called me. “I’m 10 minutes away!” So I put a couple of brews in the freezer and walked out to the Scoottaashack to wait. Big smile on her face and she said “What a nice little road ya got from town” πŸ™‚

This was around 5 o’clock Saturday evening so we went inside to have a few brews in the AC to slough off the ride and wait for the evening cool off. A few hours later we were out on the deck (a bit lubed up and well fed) and spent the evening listening to music and normal bullshit. I have tons of music she’s never heard so she piled on some new inputs.

After sleeping a bit late Sunday morning we got ready for Touring Taney County. So we road little one lane backroads up the creek then up MO 125 to Chadwick. That left us 16+ miles from lunch in Forsyth, but to get there you have MO H to traverse so I insisted she take the lead. This is a really curvy 55 mph road, not dangerous twisty’s, just fun and fast curves one right after another, and it makes

The crew from Harrison, Ark

for a very refreshing 20 minute exercise. Lot’s of πŸ™‚ coming across the table as we sat at John’s Frosted Mug over lunch.

Then it was off to Powersite Dam for a close up view of Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake on the 25 mile leg over to MO 125 and down to Protem at the Arkansas state line. Ark. is ‘dry’ so Tony’s Pizza does a great business serving beer in icy-frosty mugs. Only one beer as it’s part of the ritual of the ferry. Then it was down the hill to ride the Peel ferry across the lake where we were joined by the guys from Tony’s on 8 fancy Harleys headed back to Harrison. On the way back across the ferry captain came over to chat HTR up about her Big Ruckus. Yep more πŸ™‚

We then headed for home with a stop at Shadow Rock Park for a couple of glamor shots, stoping at the Eee-Zee Stop for fresh beer where she registered for the nifty all metal retro beer cooler being offered by the beer distributor. The back to the cabin for dinner and chatting on the deck. A little coffee with breakfast Monday

on the way home Outhouse stop

morning, then load up old #5 and she heads for home.

Now that might not sound too exciting but I’m sure it made for a relaxing 3 day trip for her. She got onto some cool places to visit, got in 20 miles or so of gravel work, found some cool places and people to visit, road some ass-kickin’ roads but I can’t say much more. She’ll post up those details on her blog so I’ll not spoil the surprise.

We had bags of fun, took lots of photos, and she video taped the morning riding session so I expect a big post about the weekend with a great riding video.
Stay tuned kiddies !!


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