MO primary voting ‘Prop C’

Local polling station

I love voting day! Your vote counts in America, sometimes what I want passes (or fails) and sometimes not, so it seems like sometimes my vote doesn’t count, but dammit I vote, so there. We do it the good old-fashioned way so we never have any “issues” like them idiots did down in Florida a few years ago. Good tech is tech that works. Last year they brought in a sample computerized polling station. It was (and is) a piece of crap and slower than a paper ballot.

We have 5 parties represented on the ballot for this primary so I’m looking forward to a rather cantankerous vote from Missouri come this November. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Progressive and Constitution. I don’t know much about the ‘Progressive’ party but the Constitution party platform sounds a bit like the American Taliban in disquise 🙂

Voting is a social event, not a chore!

We can be kinda crotchety for a bell-weather state, and I rather enjoy that. Prop ‘C’ is the hot issue right now as Missouri is (I believe) the first state to vote for/against the coming Obamacare. Admittedly, this Prop C vote is mostly symbolic, but for the first time the actual citizens of Missouri get to have their say. Voting is a big social event down here what with folk meeting at the polling station, then across the road to the Coffee Cup to yap at the the Liar’s Table. Man I love small town America.

So I voted YES on the issue which means I voted to let MO refuse the impending changes being made to our health care system, or lack thereof. My vote has nothing to do with my personal opinions on the real issue of our current setup or coming changes. We currently have a batch of idiots running/deciding/limiting access to health care and I have no doubt that a new batch of idiots won’t screw it up too.

But the idea that in 2014 the Health Care Insurance Police my come banging on somebody’s door in Missouri has way too much of a Gestapo feel to me. And a lot of other folks I’m sure feel the same way. That’s one more reason why it’s hard as hell to buy rifle shells around here. We’re pretty much ready for any size and duration of Armageddon down here, so ‘revenuers’ had outta watch their step.

It will be fun to watch the political bobble-heads on the news the next day or two as this will get lots of air play. ‘Course I got to ride the bike before it got too hot today. Then I went down to Scooters Express and had coffee and donuts and had a nice chat with a couple who had just finished touring thru northern Arkansas and the Quacita Mountains. Nice folks heading home to Joplin and they’d just come across the Peel Ferry. Good folk.


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