successfully lowering the bar

Back in them ‘good old days’ of the 60’s & 70’s it was difficult and costly to get your rock ‘n’ roll group recorded, transfered to a copyable medium, and distributed to media outlets. Studio time, sound engineering, production and mixdown, and distribution did not come cheap so the universe selected a way to decide who could do that and who couldn’t. We always moaned about “the system”, and da man keeping us down, but all in all the music you could buy was pretty damned good.

Of course that was back when people sold platters, those round black records. Cassette tapes, when that tech became available, sure made copying music much easier. Roll the universe forward a few decades and now any bedroom musician can do the whole thing themselves for very little money, and that also includes an MTV style video to boot!

Nothing wrong with that per se, except for the little word “any”. That word almost guarantees that crappy musicians can produce crappy music and deliver it to the world and I’m sure somebody will like it. The public can pick what they enjoy as entertainment, but that doesn’t imply that the public has any skills in picking out quality music. It ain’t a cause & effect thing.

I guess I’m hinting at the definition of ART in terms of music. Art is entertaining in that it compels one to think, but just because something is entertaining, it does not magically become art or even good art. It just is, like … well I shouldn’t mention any names.

Our new technologies have broadened the playing field, making it easier for the cream to rise to the top, and the not-so-creamy to get out there too. Technology does not make the good better nor the bad good, but it is that much easier to find not-so-good music.

We have successfully lowered the bar.


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