of puppy mills and pedophiles

I’m happy to run a “pet free” household. That’s my choice. Missouri, the long standing puppy mill capital of the good ole US of A, has bowed to something like 51% of the state dog-ooders (sic) and passed Prop B, and it’s a damned good thing. We are now gonna have NICE puppy mills, so take that!

I have no idea why we have so legally established dog manufacturing, nor why so many people need so much unconditional love, but I do know there is no shortage of dogs. All over the country animal welfare groups are begging for funds to care for all the dogs that are loosed upon the environs, Even though some organizations kill the overflow it hasn’t seemed to slow – the need of – the manufacture of – the disposal of – dogs.

I know it’s fun to demonize MO’s puppy mills, but they wouldn’t be operating if you all didn’t buy the damned things and then want to throw them away. I wonder who the real demons are?

A Do-Gooder elsewhere in the good ole USofA is doing his best to make a better world by self publishing an e-book on how to be a NICE pedophile: “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct “.

I ain’t making this up nor rippin’ this story off The Onion, it came to me via NBC’s Today show. I heard part of his interview, and he says he is not a pedophile so ….   Apparently he is honestly trying to make a better world? Ok, I applaud his sentiment, but this dude has his head so far up his ass he can see out his ears, he did nothing to make a better world.

Of course, everyone wants to hold Amazon accountable for the book (ala puppy mills) but Amazon did NOT write the freekin’ book folks, in fact you might consider it a favor by letting you know the book existed!

We don’t need nicer pedophiles any more than we need nicer puppy mills.  I’d say “Think about it!” but obviously there’s alot of folk clearly not thinking, or not thinking clearly.  Take your pick.

The old proverb says something like ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ and there seems to be no shortage of people out there making pavers.


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