Zombie Winter

It was a dark and stormy night..

Treehouse Creek Side

Treehouse Creek Side

It’s been a hammering sort of winter this year.  I mean that it has been so warm that I have been able to do all of the last of the cosmetic trim & paint on the cabin.  The gent who lives down creek just retired and is finishing up his new wood working shop, and Mike who is up creek has been working on some sort of … something.   I can’t see through the trees, but the last couple of weeks there have been some ‘helpers’ trucks parked out by the road, so I don’t know if it is a big project but I am curious.

So last week I’m out working and I hear a tractor putting up from the creek and then I hear it crunching it’s way down my drive.  It happens to be Mike, he sets the brake, lets it idle and comes down to chat.

Treehouse on the west

Treehouse on the west

“Thought I’d drop in and explain at the work that’s been going on.”

“Well, yes, I am kinda curious.”

“Some folks are filming a zombie movie and we’re building a set, sort of a tree house.”

“A treehouse? Zombies?   that’s cool!”

Then he tells me a short story before he putts back up creek ..

Seems a short while back an Englishman had fallen in love with one of our Taney Co. women  (hey, it happens!) so he resides here now.  At the same time he’d made a low-budget zombie movie which either sold well on DVD or had impressed someone.  This he had parley’d into funding for an even Bigger and Better zombie flick.

Treehouse Interior

Treehouse Interior

Mike is supplying the set location for the  treehouse and gets a jacuzzi in his backyard as compensation.  A few days ago I walked over and took some pics which you see here.  The workers were in the house so I didn’t get any more info on the project.

The treehouse looked unfinished to me, but there is no reason to expect the design criteria for a set to match Swiss Family Robinson specs.  A few trees did get chopped up,  but I’ll have to wait a few months to see what Mike ends up with when the movie is done.

A couple of days ago two box vans showed up, a generator rig, and people and stuff began to clank just a few hundred feet from my place.

The production crew is from Atlanta, a hot bed of zombie flicks, and most of the ‘treehouse’ scenes were filmed after dark, which explains all the whirring and the eery light until zero dark thirty the last few nights.  After a few days after that they did some filming during the day.

Treehouse Long Shot

Treehouse Long Shot

All in all, this obscure couple miles of road have been a mecca of movie making of late, what with “Winter’s Bone” being filmed down at the old Pennington homestead in 2011.

Check IMDb for the working title “Treehouse” for future details.  No, I have yet to see a zombie, nor actor or costumery.

Bummer that.


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