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garbonzo bean band

Garbonzo Bean Band Event Poster

My sister sent me a link to a video she’d found on YouTube which brought back some old memories of gigs I’d done and bands I’d played with.

Everybody in town knew these guys and I ended up sitting in with them outside of Lindberg’s at the St. Patrick Day parade. Almost every musician in town played with them at one time or another, but especially drummers. John and Chris were the core members and quite often played “walk around” gigs, so drummers were ‘optional’.

I played with them for a year or so and loved every minute of it. The ideal of the band was basically .. “If you’re gonna play for folks, then by gawd, it outa be fun” 🙂

These guys made it fun, and outlandish dress was part of the gig. It wasn’t just music, it was seldom serious, and costumes were required. **

My favorite was was a lime green, pleated, Empire waist pinafore with spaghetti straps.

Most gigs were a bit like performance art and they were all very unique. We played once in the back bedroom at a private New Years party (so we wouldn’t be too loud) and couldn’t see the audience. We quit at 12:30 and visited with them and they said “You guys were great!”.

I’m glad I got to gig with them and have lots of good memories. I’ve got to say that I do not remember recording this video below, but that is me at the set of drums provided for the video.

** I wore pantyhose one evening, and I now know why DRUMMERS DO NOT WEAR PANTYHOSE !!!


Turing test results

Glamour shot at Shadow Rock Park

Powersite Damn on White River

Well, a couple of hours after I got back from town HiTechRedneck called me. “I’m 10 minutes away!” So I put a couple of brews in the freezer and walked out to the Scoottaashack to wait. Big smile on her face and she said “What a nice little road ya got from town” 🙂

This was around 5 o’clock Saturday evening so we went inside to have a few brews in the AC to slough off the ride and wait for the evening cool off. A few hours later we were out on the deck (a bit lubed up and well fed) and spent the evening listening to music and normal bullshit. I have tons of music she’s never heard so she piled on some new inputs.

After sleeping a bit late Sunday morning we got ready for Touring Taney County. So we road little one lane backroads up the creek then up MO 125 to Chadwick. That left us 16+ miles from lunch in Forsyth, but to get there you have MO H to traverse so I insisted she take the lead. This is a really curvy 55 mph road, not dangerous twisty’s, just fun and fast curves one right after another, and it makes

The crew from Harrison, Ark

for a very refreshing 20 minute exercise. Lot’s of 🙂 coming across the table as we sat at John’s Frosted Mug over lunch.

Then it was off to Powersite Dam for a close up view of Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake on the 25 mile leg over to MO 125 and down to Protem at the Arkansas state line. Ark. is ‘dry’ so Tony’s Pizza does a great business serving beer in icy-frosty mugs. Only one beer as it’s part of the ritual of the ferry. Then it was down the hill to ride the Peel ferry across the lake where we were joined by the guys from Tony’s on 8 fancy Harleys headed back to Harrison. On the way back across the ferry captain came over to chat HTR up about her Big Ruckus. Yep more 🙂

We then headed for home with a stop at Shadow Rock Park for a couple of glamor shots, stoping at the Eee-Zee Stop for fresh beer where she registered for the nifty all metal retro beer cooler being offered by the beer distributor. The back to the cabin for dinner and chatting on the deck. A little coffee with breakfast Monday

on the way home Outhouse stop

morning, then load up old #5 and she heads for home.

Now that might not sound too exciting but I’m sure it made for a relaxing 3 day trip for her. She got onto some cool places to visit, got in 20 miles or so of gravel work, found some cool places and people to visit, road some ass-kickin’ roads but I can’t say much more. She’ll post up those details on her blog so I’ll not spoil the surprise.

We had bags of fun, took lots of photos, and she video taped the morning riding session so I expect a big post about the weekend with a great riding video.
Stay tuned kiddies !!


lost on the gasconade

Temporary domicile

There was no “reason” for this get together ‘cept it was July 4th, and HiTech had a nice place to camp in, and Matty and I felt like a ride. BYOS – bring your own shit, cook outside, relax on the creek. It was actually quite fun and relaxing. Matty helped install the last nuts & bolts on the box stove that became the cooking station and HiTech got some skills going … cooking on a wood stove is a bit different than a cooking grate and open fire.

Beer will make you stupid.

Our river rides

So on Saturday afternoon we decide to float down to the camp, about 4 miles from the put in. The 3 of us in the canoe probably tip a cumulative IQ over 400, however when you factor in the Murphy stuff and compound with excess beer, our piloting skills were nil at best. By the time a boater offered a tow we had already gone past our takeout point. We weren’t smart enough to ask the kind boater where we were on the creek !! So he begins towing us further from our goal under the misconception that ‘it must be just around the next bend – ad infinitum.

Chad's KickAss Scoot

All was not lost as we did have good company as we dithered our way downstream on a river tour. These folk were kind enough to ship us overland back to camp and we did offer them suitable cash compensation. Not so much for their time and idling fuel, but as an apology for our total stupidity. Once back in camp, we refueled with more beer and great food.

So all in all it was a great weekend. Over a 100 acres on the spread and two houses down by the crick, so there was lots of visits from various sorts doing various activities, and lots of dogs, lots …..

(In case you don’t know, if you click the pictures you’ll get a better look at the photos)

Let these out on the Range

Of course, what is a nice property without a resident, New Age Wizard? Hell, that would be damned booring wouldn’t it. Trust me, we weren’t boored. This grand poo-bah lived up to all kinds of idiotic stereotypes, and was always accompanied by his hounds from hell which were forced to drag 6 ft. logging chains from their collars.

Of course, it was deemed necessary to keep a fine flock of Plymouth Rock chickens contained, penned, and cooped up 24 hours each day. No Ranging Allowed, can’t have them chickens pecking chiggers off the plants and eating proper food. No Way Dude !! Keep them locked and feed them corn just like stockyard beef. Make sure they produce yellow yolks. This is Grand Wizardry at it’s best.

Free Them God-Damned Chickens You Fool!

Despite the bitchin’, it was a great weekend and well worthy of a repeat. So kudos to HiTech for the eventful non-event. Mat and I got to do some great riding there and back in safety. I did the last 75 miles on familiar roads which may sound dull, but certainly was not. I stopped in Ava around 8:00 and picked up a 24 oz. can of brew and got onto 76 hiway and buzzed down to the first bridge over Beaver Creek for a well deserved break. This road clears of traffic about this time and is composed of high speed sweepers connecting each Ozark hill to lowland hollow, just the kind of stuff the Beemer will eat up. So the evening cools off really well and the last 35 miles are covered lickety-split at 75+ mph and not one car in site the entire way. Riding doesn’t get any better than this, an empty road filled with cool night air and you are not grinding out the end of a long ride. This is where the old girl shines, despite turning 40 next year, she runs like a young filly.

Sunday morning – The Movie

Mat and I did run a working test of our beer can stoves, but the testing was a bit unfair as his taller stove was closer to the cup giving him unfair advantage. I was then forced to make up this loss during the pistol target shoot. The 9mm Glock is a fine little shooter but ruined the hearing in my left ear. Gotta wear shooting muffs for that thang.

Matty can wrap a lyric with melody and regaled us with an original tune in the afternoon.

Todos Los Photos


a thoughtful girl


She was a thoughtful girl. Not overly kind, just thoughtful of herself and of others and the world in general. I mean that she thought as in she considered stuff and outcomes and the future. Not just tomorrow, but next week, and down the road. She thought over, under, and around ideas and concepts. Much better than most folk did.

The fact she was drop dead beautiful, and sexy, was beside the point, but now that I mention the point, what was it ???

You didn’t have to see her, but if she was there you were compelled to be aware. Not of her, but of you, the both of you. She didn’t capture a room, but she slowly, helped you fill it with indescribable awareness.

Her voice may not have fit her face, as it went from a high alto down to high baritone (and oh so totally feminine) when secrets were being whispered or close thoughts shared.

It is so great to enjoy something you do not need to see that you enjoy so much more when you see it.

On the back of the bike

sweet breath on my neck

arms around me

sweet firm cusp of breast holding me,

the torture of continuing

to endure painful rapture

may be too much Shannon


Raid on the Gasconade 2010

So I have a ‘scooter’ bud who likes to get out and site-see, do a bit of camping and fishing. We’ve been trying to meet up for a year. Have another buddy HiTech who has purchased new property on the Gasconade River. Things come together and we schedule the whole July 4th weekend for a little roundup cum Chautauqua. Camp, fish, cook, drink beer and bullshit around the campfire. Rinse & repeat as necessary, Friday thru Monday.

These two are graduating this summer, are knee-deep in dissertations and that type thing and need a break. Not a weekend party with a bunch of people where it takes you a day to recover, but the type thing that allows you to put a brake on the speed, tension and stresses of life. Some ‘glide time’ is a good way to phrase it.

Heading for Gasconade River

For me and Matty it’s about a 150 mile ride which is probably more of a morning jaunt or a short cruise. I’m planning on leaving early Friday and taking the slab to Lebanon (55 miles) for breakfast. I know the slab is no fun, but I grew up here and won’t miss a thing. Then I take off north of I-44 and cruise about 45 mph up the backest of roads with camera and tripod handy. All new roads and vistas for me, and I’ll still probably get there by noon 🙂

HiTech is supposed to have a cooler waiting on the gravel bar for ice and beer and we’re arriving with simple sleep and cook gear, and fishing equipment.

I’ll have my flyrod and a 4 1/2′ fiberglass Shakespeare spinning rig. We’ve all made some homemade beer-can alcohol stoves so there will be an official “stove off”. We’re all hillbilly engineers and delight in these type low-key games.

I’ve got all my gear ready to go, and am heading out Tuesday afternoon. I’m starting a house remodel in Springfield and have to work the next two days. Friday morning the journey begins. Be back in about a week.


Stand Up Mouse

Stand Up Mouse

Stand Up Mouse

That’s probably not the best line to start the set with, but it does work, every time. Nobody accused Rodney of overworking “Take my wife, Please!!” did they? Not in the Catskills anyway, maybe Atlanta or Dallas.

But this is Billings, Montana and about the 20th stop (out of 26) on a long and grinding road. Sort of a White Man’s Chitlin’ Circuit with an equine feel. Cowboy doggerel and all that. At least I don’t do poetry or strum guitar.

I’m not an alcoholic (not yet) but the drink count is going up as I get a bit older, the road gets longer, and (it seems) the audience gets smaller.

‘Course I don’t have a large bag of cowboy or Big Sky jokes either and this ain’t the place for a southern Missouri hillbilly to attempt any jazz Cowboy poetry.

Fly fishing is off-topic for humor too, not forbidden, it’s just who ever heard a funny joke about fly fishing? I sure haven’t. There is “I got a new fly rod & reel for my wife … best deal I ever made!”, but that’s just a variation of Rodney’s old joke. Lob the setup in the air and slap that puppy outta the park. Timing and delivery is everything in stand up. Obviously the money is not, but you do this work for more than the money. At least in the artist community we do get some respect.

The twins, Ronnie & Connie

We all make that type of compromise, our own definition of what success really is, where happiness reaches an even keel. So I am and am not looking to the end of this tour. This is the last road tour, but the artist/entertainer seldom retires to a backwater.

You can always get a gig and work the craft. Shannon and I also have the ‘other’ business, but the twins are in the terrible two’s and she would appreciate a full time mate and so would I.

We’re gonna let the wheel turn, and start a new chapter to life, and that I’m looking for ward to. In a few weeks I get to say:

“Take my job, please!”


estimates> guestimates> make up numbers

So a deep water oil platform being leased or pumped by BP sort of blows up, the blowout preventer doesn’t prevent crap, and oil is spewing into the Gulf. This is gonna be a bummer. BP and the government place the estimate of oil release from drilling experts on the alter of the media for our consumption. It does not take long for the Inference Engine to fire up and start wheels to turning.

There is no requirement that an estimate be anywhere near accurate or scientific. Look up the definition of the word, it can range to mere opinion, and this spill is a bad thing, so BP is bad, so you know their estimate must be wrong. An easy inferolation, the Inference Engine clicks into 2nd gear.

There’s lots of rocks in America, so within mere hours we are swamped with MondayMorningQuarterbacks & ArmChairGenerals coming forth with ‘expert’ testimony and new guestimates. Multipliers of 10 and 100 start appearing, and these estimates are tempered with the word could as in … “Saturn could loose it’s orbit and join the Earth and Moon in a 3-way”. Well yes, it could, but doesn’t the chance of highly unlikely cross any of your frontal lobes?

Harry Smith on the the CBS Early shows says “The spill is estimated at 8K, but it could range to 80K, and might even be as high as 800K per day”. We’ve hit 3rd gear, we are rolling up near highway speeds, shit just start making up numbers !!! We also don’t need to distinguish between gallons vs barrels, as all you’re doing is confusing the masses.

Gwen Ifill, on Washington Week, damned near has a cat on live TV when bobble head 2 offers up an estimate of double that of bobble head 1. Take a reality pill girl, these numbers your guests are tossing about do not, I repeat, DO NOT change the volume of oil actually coming out of the well head. There is no Cause & Effect between the news you’re reporting and actual facts.

We’re cruising in 4th gear. Ya gotta love the combo of News and Media, it’s a constant source of humor. The professional journalists have factors from 10 to 1,000 (or better) to toss about, and despite the wide range actually talk as though (pick a number) is a fact.

I’m waiting for someone to estimate the sea rise due to oil release.

Could someone turn the Hyperbole knob up a bit?

While we wait, shall we turn to page 23 of our McLuhan Hymnal and sing along?

Why is this?

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